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|| For The Love Of Vintage ||


|| For The Love Of Vintage ||

Gabrielle Nuich

Since this business began, people have often asked me why I got into vintage.

Was it just because I was following along with a fad?
Was it because vintage became "on trend" in a massive way?
Was it just because there was a market for it?

No. I've never been one to feel as though I need to follow a trend, so none of those reasons really pushed me into this business.

The truth is, I got into vintage because I fell in love. From a young age I've had a love for vintage that has rivalled all others. Vintage music, vintage movies, vintage books... As a kid it was what I yearned for. I would come home from school and watch Doris Day movies. I would spend hours listening to the sounds of Ella, Louie, Dean and Nat (to name a mere few). I would pour myself into books where I could be transported back to another time... A time I felt I connected with.

Like all great loves it only grew as the years passed. Being fortunate enough to grow up near a heritage town like Guildford only fed my passion for everything old and before I knew it I was 17 - wearing a ball gown based on Audrey Hepburn and trying to convince my Mother to let me bring home vintage chairs that I found on the verge. I was hooked, and the older I was getting the more it was starting to permeate my everyday life.

But it isn't just about loving things that are old, or loving a particular era or style. For me, I have always had a great interest in people - what drives them, what their passions are, what brings them joy. It is this curiosity that is the driving force behind my love for vintage because the pieces we collect and find are like a road map to the soul of their previous owners... They contain the knowledge of a life lived - the joy, the passion, the fights, great love, great sorrow and all of the mundane in between. They each represent someones story and history, and it is an amazing thing to be able to connect that history to your present.

When you see or hold a vintage piece, you can feel a richness and sense of character that is missing from the mass produced modern pieces we are seeing today. No matter how hard you try, you can't fake personality. You can't fake history. You can't fake the quality of a piece that is built to last the test of time. You can't fake soul. It is the love of all these things and for the way vintage pieces make me feel that has spurred me on this path. This business... It is for the love of vintage.