CONCEPT (noun) - an abstract idea.
Synonyms: idea, notion, abstraction,
belief, view, impression, picture.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, The Picker Concept is an online vintage shop as well as a bespoke events company. We focus on providing unique vintage items that invoke a sense of nostalgia and inspire creativity. We create ideas on how to best add personality and an essence of yourself into your spaces & events. We want to create spaces that are unique, warm and are rich in character, whilst helping you to curate something one of a kind.


Who is The Picker Concept?

Hi there! I'm Gabby, the creator + curator of The Picker Concept.
I am a lover of midcentury, an excessive coffee drinker, and an avid treasure hunter.
Obsessed with flowers (Peonies, Tulips + Proteas are the way to my heart) and a bit of foliage.
An occasional artist, but a constant creator.
True to my name I have been known to talk A LOT, sometimes with my hands more than my voice.
 You'll often find me singing or dancing along to music (Alone, in the car or in public - I have zero shame)
I am an Iwan Iwanoff fan girl, and if I ever won Powerball buying  one of his homes would be at the top of my list.
I can't walk past a good pair of vintage shoes, a vintage camera or a vintage book.
Paris is my most loved travel destination, and the treasures I picked up from flea markets there are some of my most cherished (But really, any city or country that embraces vintage, butter, cheese, wine and bread is a winner to me)

If you'd like to get in touch, drop me a line -